Resale of Licenses

We are probably all guilty of going overboard with buying plugins. We buy Serum, Massive, perhaps Spire and of course you also want that epic Martin Garrix lead that is purely originated from Sylenth1 right? As we progress we realize that they mostly do the same things. In fact, Serum can probably produce all of the sounds of those synths.

The same goes for excessive plugins. We might go purchase bundles to get discounts, or have several compressors, reverbs or delays that in the end do the exact same thing. But what If you could actually get rid of some of those plugins you've never had the time to check out and still make a fair share of buck? if you have two or three compressors wouldn't it be nice to sell the license to somebody who might need it, and actually make use of it?

KnobCloud is doing exactly that, and figured out this is a growth market. They have made a marketplace dedicated to the purchase and sale of software licenses. Here you can buy and sell your plugins or synths and easily transfer your licenses. The finances are handled by PayPal, and the site is 100% legit. We have recently sold several plugins for a good price to buyers who are on the lookout for good deals. You will need to make an account to be able to register, but it is entirely free and there are certainly a lot of good deals on everything from effects to new vst synthesizers on a continuous basis.

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